5 Things You Don’t Know About LMA


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  1. Florence Lemle says:

    Hi Nancy

    Very good way to publicize the airing tonight. I’ll watch it.

    We will be in CA again t his winter if you come aroubnd give a call. It was so much fun to see you last year .

  2. Jen says:

    love this – very cute!

  3. Terry Gartman says:

    I believe Louisa wrote a book just before she left Boston. She had thought about suicide
    but then saw herslf rising up out of the water. Changing from a child into a women . The name of the book is mentioned in the film at this point but I can’t remember the name. Can you tell me the name of this book? I want to buy it and the DVD together.

  4. LMA Staff says:

    I think you mean “Work.” Harriet Reisen – and check out the biography I wrote which describes this incident more fully.

    Best, Harriet Reisen

  5. Ann McAndrew says:

    I just finished reading your book and loved every page of it. I actually have read many of Miss Alcott’s works,besides Little Women, and enjoyed reading the story of her life which reflected in her books (Rose adopting an orphan and Louisa taking on the responsibility of raising LuLu).

    My one issue is: page 238, stating that Jo’s children are girl and boy twins, Daisy and Demi. Jo had sons, one of whom was named Teddy after Laurie. Daisy and Demi are Meg’s children.

  6. LMA Staff says:

    thank you. This mistake has been corrected in the paperback version due out in October.

    Glad you enjoyed the book,

    Nancy Porter

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