Louisa May Alcott’s Pulp Fiction


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  1. Nancy Basinger says:

    Dear Nancy Porter, Thank you, Thankyou ! for renewing an interest in Louisa May Alcott. i cant wait to see your movie. There is a mystical quality to the area around Concord, Boston and Salem.After visiting my daughter in Somerville who was doing some editing at Powder House, we spent our evenings visiting the haunts of The Peabody sisters who had the most amazing yet little known influence on Emerson and Hawthorne and many others. I believe that Louisas father also taught school with the Elizabeth Peabody. We also visited the pub next to the Brattle Street Book store where she had her free thinking book store. Incredibly the manager says the staff hears footsteps above after the place is closed. I do believe the footsteps of these women still echo down through the years and influence us still! Sincerely,
    Nancy Basinger and Sommer Basinger

  2. Dear Nancy Porter, Thankyou Thankyou for making this movie!. The footage of the little old women discovering Louisas pseudonym and other works was amazing. I hope PBS will air this movie again. Sincerely, Nancy Basinger

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